5 ways to get over your fear of the dentist

Let us relieve your fear of the dentist with sedation

People that fear the dentist deeply resent that time of the year when a proper cleaning is not only necessary, it is essential to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Without a check up every few months, you could encounter larger issues such as plaque and gingivitis which is a gum disease that leaves you with bad breathe to say the least.

Manhattan Dental Spa understands that visiting the dentist can be scary

Luckily, at Manhattan Dental Spa, we know exactly what you need to stay calm, cool, and collected while in the dental chair. It’s called Sedation Dentistry and it involves “the use of pharmacological agents to calm and relax a patient prior to and during a dental appointment. The pharmacological agents usually belong to a class of drugs called sedatives, which exert their action by depressing the central nervous system, specifically those areas concerned with conscious awareness.” (wikipedia)

In essence, should you need a regular cleaning, or something more invasive like a root canal or cavity filling, sedation dentistry will help put you in a great state of mind and at ease during the process.

Are you a candidate for sedation dentistry? Call us for a quiz today!

Dental Anxiety Self-Test from floss.com

If you answer “yes” to most of these questions, you are a candidate for sedation dentistry:

Do you feel slight uneasiness and tension the evening prior to your dental visit, which makes you cancel your dental appointment?

While waiting in the reception area of the dental office, do you feel nervous about the visit?

Have you had a prior dental experience that was unpleasant?

While in the dental chair, do you feel uneasy and anxious?

Does the thought of having a dental injection make you feel physically ill and tense?

Does seeing the dentist or dental hygienist’s instruments make you anxious?

Do you feel embarrassed that the dentist will say you have the worst mouth they have ever seen?

Do objects placed in your mouth during the dental visit make you panic and feel like you cannot breath correctly?

Do you feel that your dentist is unsympathetic only with you?


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