Canker sores and common mouth sore issues

Almost everyone has experienced some type of mouth sore in their lives. Mouth sores come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be simple to treat or absolutely debilitating. Mouth sores occur for many reasons including infection and bacteria in the mouth. Contrary to popular belief, canker sores, one of the most common types of mouth sores, are not contagious. It is not completely clear what causes canker sores it’s believed by many professionals that they are caused by bacteria or  an immune system reaction. Canker Sores are often white or gray with bright red on the outer edge. They can be very painful. The only treatment for canker sores is over the counter or prescribed topical anesthetics.

Another common mouth sore is the cold sore.  Cold sores  are generally caused by the herpes virus. Unlike Canker sores, cold sores are incredibly contagious and very painful.  Cold sores appear as small blisters in a single area outside the mouth. Cold Sores are not caused by the common cold, instead they are a flare of the herpes virus and an immune reaction to it that could be triggered by another illness or virus attacking your body at the same time. As of today, there is no cure for cold sores. Once you have the virus in your system  you are always susceptible to them. Treatment for cold sores includes antivirals or over the counter topical treatments.

Another form of mouth sore is candidiasis, also known as thrush mouth. Candidiasis is caused by a fungal infection in the mouth and is common among those with diabetes, dentures or those who use asthma medications. Candidiasis can be controlled or in most cases eliminated with good oral hygiene.

Mouth sores are best diagnosed and treated by a profesisonal. Call us today to get started, or schedule an exam.