Metabolism Is Not A Four Letter Word

Your Metabolism is Your Friend

Your metabolism is not your enemy. It wants to push you to the finish line. It wants to burn calories. It wants to keep your energy up. So why does your metabolism get such a bad rep? Doctors have been blaming this chemical process that lives inside all of us for years, and there’s really no one to blame but our genetics, and most importantly, ourselves. If you think there is no way to improve upon your metabolism, think again! Manhattan Dental Spa has uncovered three major ways to boost that calorie fighting monster waiting to be unleashed inside you.

Stop Blaming, Start Doing

Get enough sleep

Stop drinking that 3pm coffee to get an instant jolt of energy. All that does is keep you wide awake at night when your body is trying to recalibrate all your hormones and keep you balanced. Everything needs rest in order to function properly. When you don’t get enough shut eye, your metabolism can not work to its fullest potential.

Eat Breakfast Every Morning

It is only fair to assume that a large dinner will hold you over until lunch the next day. WRONG. Even if you wake up feeling sluggish and not hungry, force yourself to eat a little something to rev up your engines (aka metabolism) and get that motor running. Think of your body like a Rolls-Royce and you’ll always treat it properly.

Spice up more than your Saturday evening gown

Add a dash of cayenne pepper to that bland chicken for not only a kick in the flavor department, but also…that’s right…your metabolism. When you ingest this fiery spice, your body temperature will rise, causing your body to work harder at cooling it down. This burns a ton of calories in the process.

Manhattan Dental Spa Cares About Your Health

When the metabolism is well oiled and gassed (no pun intended) it will process the calories you consume into energy and make your dieting much more efficient. Manhattan Dental Spa wants you to take care of your body just as much as your teeth!