What is KoR Teeth Whitening?

What is KoR Teeth Whitening?

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Are you looking to brighten your smile? Are you feeling insecure because of the yellow tinge your teeth have acquired after years of drinking coffee and tea?

KoR teeth whitening is a safe, effective, and affordable way to brighten your teeth. It’s a unique combination of the latest in science and technology that delivers safe and effective results. Its patented process will give you a brighter smile without the tooth and gum sensitivity you may have experienced with other whiteners.

KoR In-Office Whitening

KoR in-office teeth whitening is a simple procedure that takes about 30 minutes. The dentist will apply a special gel to your teeth, which opens the pores of your teeth to remove the stain from inside your tooth enamel and the surface of your teeth.

The gel used during KoR Teeth Whitening contains 35% hydrogen peroxide and has been shown to whiten teeth safely and effectively without causing any damage to tooth structure or enamel.

The result? A brighter smile that lasts for years!

KoR At-Home Whitening

KoR also offers an at-home tooth whitening system that uses a specially formulated gel to break down stains on the surface of your teeth.

The procedure is simple: 

  • First, apply the gel to your teeth and leave it on for about 20 minutes. 
  • Rinse away the gel and dry your mouth with a soft cloth. 
  • Brush away any residue left behind by the gel.

KoR Teeth Whitening can be used once daily at home for best results. You can expect to see noticeable results after just one application.

How is KoR Different?

KoR teeth whitening differs from other tooth whitening products and systems in several ways.

The main difference is that KoR uses a unique patented gel that allows the product to penetrate the tooth enamel and get between the pores of your teeth, making the process much more effective at removing stains than other products on the market today.

KoR uses a custom-designed tray system that fits over your teeth to deliver the tooth whitening gel directly to your teeth. 

KoR products use patented technology that allows them to penetrate deep inside your teeth and break up stains where they begin. Other products, most of which use carbamide peroxide as the key ingredient, can’t do this. With KoR, you see results quickly.

The unique formula in KoR teeth whitening penetrates the enamel of your teeth to lighten them from the inside out while providing a protective barrier against staining. The results are quick, dramatic, and long-lasting. With proper care after your treatment, your new smile will last for years!

How Do I Get Started?

To get the KoR whitening system, schedule a consultation with our office. Once we’ve determined that you’re a good candidate for the KoR whitening system, we’ll discuss your options with you in depth.

Ready For a Whiter, Brighter Smile?

If you’d like to learn more about KoR teeth whitening, whether you’d like in-office or at-home teeth professional teeth whitening, contact us today!