What is the Cost of Dental Implants in Murray Hill NYC?

What is the Cost of Dental Implants in Murray Hill NYC?

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So, you’re considering a dental implant? This permanent replacement for diseased, decayed or missing teeth is an excellent solution to the loss of your own natural tooth or teeth. In fact, it works in exactly the same way as your own teeth from the strength of bite it offers to its aesthetic appearance. 

Still, some patients may be unsure about whether they should get a dental implant or not, especially due to the expense such a procedure entails. 

Implant Cost Depends on Type of Implant

The cost for an implant depends on the type of implant you need. While each is made up of the same three basic parts, implants may be either a single tooth or used to support multiple teeth. All-On-Four Implants can even be used for a complete dental arch.

Regardless of how many implants are needed, they all are made up of three elements: the base or artificial root; the abutment which is attached to that base; and of course the dental crown used to create the visible tooth.  

All implants will make your smile look and feel its best and most functional. Care for implants is simple but require for check-ups and cleanings, which are typically recommended by your dentist twice a year for your own teeth. Other than those regular dental office visits, just brush and floss. 

Implant Pricing in Murray Hill

Dental implants costs in New York City start with what type of implant you need, but the average price for dental implants ranges between $3500 and $5500.

While the amount is not insignificant, and other types of tooth replacement treatment are available that cost less, dental implants are still the best procedure.

Patients should bear in mind that the cost of an implant is affected by:

  • Tooth replacement location and existing anatomy
  • How difficult or easy it is for your dental team to restore the replacement area
  • Other conditions such as gum disease or bone loss
  • Number of needed implants
  • Whether sedation is necessary  
  • Your dentist’s expertise

At  Manhattan Dental Spa, we utilize special software, creating customized surgical guides, assuring both the safety and accuracy of implant placement by guiding the precise location for your implant. 

Is the Expense of an Implant Worthwhile?

While implants are costly, the expense is absolutely worth it for most patients. From jaw and bite restoration to appearance, an implant is hard to top. Our dental team will help you make the decision that’s best for you in regard to getting an implant and one that is right for your dental health. We’ll also be happy to work with you on available insurance and financing choices that can make implants more affordable.

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